About Northwest Biopharm

NorthWest Biopharm Limited is an Irish-owned and operated contract research organisation providing services and products to the animal-health, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries and to research institutions.

The company provides a flexible, cost-efficient, high quality service to meet the clinical trial and regulatory needs of its clients in discovery and development of their products.

NorthWest Biopharm Limited maintains the highest standards of animal welfare in accordance with EU Directive 2010/63/EU and supports the industry standard in relation to use of animals in research by promoting a reduction in the number of animals used in clinical studies, refinement of techniques and practices applied during clinical studies and replacement of animals with in-vitro procedures where possible.

NorthWest Biopharm Limited is accredited by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (the national authority responsible for implementation of Directive 20010/63/EU in Ireland)

The company provides a full research service including production of a study protocol, performance of the clinical trial and provision of a final study report.

NorthWest Biopharm Limited has extensive experience in designing and managing clinical trials and encourages the input of clients to ensure each project meets their specific requirements.

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